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   Rami ULUER, a painter, was born in 1913 in Istanbul. He was son of a chemist father. He completed his secondary education ih highschool in Egypte, because of his father's business. Then he studied fine arts in Italy. After returning to Turkey in 1933, he continued to work hard on his paintings. He had over 40 private exhibitions. He participated  in stade exhibitions and joined many group shows. Meanwhile his work were bought by foreign diplomats in Turkey and carried away to varius places of the world. At the same time he had exhibitions in the United States of America, as well as Romania as offical guest of the State. The painter, by forming works in an impressionist manner, was wellknown especially for his Istanbul and Ankara paintings. Art present his painting are included in many private and offical collections. He established the Ankara Association of Painters and undertook the chairmanship of this association for many years. He died in 1988.